ARGUS to partner with RCA to integrate data in solutions

The real estate software supplier ARGUS (Facebook page) and the global real estate data research firm Real Capital Analytics has announced an interesting partnership making the RCA data available within the software suite.   

From the press release

"Initially this partnership will provide access to data points including a quartile distribution of capitalization rates and prices per unit within our market leading analysis and asset management solutions," says Mark P. Kingston, president and CEO of ARGUS Software. "More importantly, however, this partnership marks the first step in the convergence of real market data with our solutions that will facilitate the next generation of efficiency and value at the desktop."

"This venture between RCA and ARGUS is a natural. To value a commercial property anywhere in the world, ARGUS has the leading software and RCA has the leading data," said Robert M. White, Jr., RCA's founder and president. "The cooperative efforts between the two firms will yield great value for our clients."

My thoughts

This is a great move. I strongly believe in making the research work much more efficient by merging data from different sources directly into, for example, a DCF software. (Full disclosure, I'm the product manager at Datscha which has done this successfully for 10 years in a web solution.)