Datscha launches Layar app for the commercial real estate market

(Full disclosure, I'm the proud Product Manager of Datscha.)

Yesterday Datscha, the Swedish SaaS for the commercial real estate industry, launched a Layar app in private Beta.

User benefits

The users will be able to easy find information about all the commercial (including multifamily) properties in the surrounding. Just point the camera towards the building and the name and ownership will be displayed. Or use the map mode to click around for data.

In the map mode the blue dot represents where you are and the black dot which property you have selected. Click on any yellow dot to display the information for that property. 

The user also has the list mode and a larger 'pop-up' info box.

All commercial properties

What makes this app so interesting is that it includes all commercial (including multifamily) properties the entire Sweden. In total 380 000 properties.

What is needed?

First of all, in order to use any Layar functionality the user need to have a 'modern' mobile phone like iPhone or any Android device with GPS and compass and the Layar App itself.

Secondly, in order to add the Datscha data you need to have a Datscha account which cost from 8 000 Dollars per year. At this point the mobile application will be a add on to the subscriptions.

Interested in testing?

Drop a mail to info@datscha.com to request taking part in the Private Beta testing.

More about Layar

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