The iPAD - the perfect management gadget?

Over the last week I've been delighted (yes, that's the word) to get my hands on the latest product Mr Jobs says I need to have; the iPAD.

The perfect management tool

The more I've used it, the more I'm convinced that it is perfect for any top manager.

Straightforward - I see a set up with four (4) buttons:
   1. the mail 
   2. calender 
   3. web browser  
   4. the company App (see below)

Mobile - Smaller and lighter than a laptop, but big enough to read the text

Fast - one click and it starts in a second, no waiting to boot...

Easy to use - their first requirement is always 'one-click' (here you have two)

No multitasking - Yes, that is correct, that is a feature... (for those users)

Long productive - With a 10h battery (for active use) it full have fuel for the entire day

Gadget - Yes, you will see young and stylish out using it

The company App  

A click and a dashboard with the most important parameters for their business should be presented.

For a CEO in a property company that could be:
   * income reports 
   * latest sales figures
   * ten largest rent agreements due in a month 
   * number of support issues handled per day (vs not resolved in a 3-days)
   * ... 

It should be on one screen mainly in graphs, with one one level of further details.  

The example is from a service called Roambi (check out there video).

My thoughts

I don't see the iPAD as primary an laptop replacement. More a gadget for those who don't bother carrying around a laptop but, if honest, should be more productive if they had update to date information at the fingertips. 

What's your thoughts?

Update 15th may
Found an excellent post on what an iPAD could do to your family.

Never underestimate to do something other do great brilliantly.