Booli displays market share for brokers

In marketing, there is an unproportionally large number of 'market leaders' (normally never describing in what sense). The Swedish residential real estate search engine Booli has released a new functionality that will add some light on topic.

Direct link to the list above.  

The new service 'Broker guide'

Booli is able to, based on all the data crawled from the real estate brokers websites, to calculate the market share for each brokerage firm. 

The table shows:
   * name
   * number of listings & medium listing price in three property types:
          - single family houses
          - apartments 
          - other

Note! Development listings are excluded in the statistics.

Information per firm
The user is also able to click on the brokerage firms name in the list and see a summarization page for the broker per municipality (or county).

The graph displays 'apartment listing price per square meter' for the firm 'Örlogsstaden' (blue line) versus all listings in the county Blekinge. Direct link to the page.

Further reading

Additional reading in English is found at Paula Marttila

For the Swedish speaking crowd more insight is found at
   * Booli blog 
   * Jardenberg unedited
   * Martin Palacios 

My thoughts 

As a strong believer in a transparent market (and really tired of a market where the use of 'market leader' is used all the time) it's obvious that I like this service.

However, large is not equal to best.
But at least this data brings down the sales pitch to facts.

Also delighted to see that Booli push the development to create a great service for its customers.