MIPIM is more than just regions & capital

MIPIM is the large global real estate event taking place in mid-march every year in Cannes, France. Two weeks ago, MIPIM 2010 brought together 17,300 attendees from 81 countries and 1,720 exhibiting companies. 



Development plans & marketing regions

The main topics among attendees are to present development efforts, market regions (my favourite region marketing effort (the middle photo above) was Invest in Mauritius), raise capital and network (an  example, there were at least 1500 (?) Swedes in Cannes last week).

More general coverage, take a look at PropertyWeeks MIPIM page or CREOpoints (1 and 2). Or why not take a look at the Twitter feed #MIPIM.

The few, the great

Unfortunately (?), not to many attendees go to MIPIM to see the newest developments in the field of smart IT solutions to make their companies more efficient. However, the upside of having so many C-levels around is to good to not take advantage of. Even Though it is hard work to find the right top 50 prospects among 20 000 people.

Some of the IT companies taking the opportunity last week was CoStar, Argus, Real Capital Analytics, HBS Research, Qube GlobalCREOpoint, Reidin, Investment Property Search, Global Arena, MRI and Datscha (full disclosure, I'm the Product Manager at Datscha).

Some of us even gathered for a glass of Champagne

Delighted to see the energy and visions.
Keep up the great work.