The new Hemnet - version 2.0 or 1.4?

In the web industry the use of term '2.0' comes with a large responsibility.
There has to be a significant update.
Therefore, I was a bit disappointed today when the indeed anticipated 'Hemnet 2.0' version was launched. (Hemnet is the largest residential search engine in Sweden, more here.) I was expecting more. (So did 100s of people on Twitter.) Anyway, let us go through the new version. 
Faster and better search
In the earlier version the search was divided into three different pages. In the new version it's done direct on the starting page.
It's also easier to do changes to the search options and start an new search when the search bar is always on the top of the page. (However, it would have been great if you were able to minimize the search bar if needed in order to scroll less.)
An improvement is that the search parameter 'size of land' has been added.
Better 'account'
The biggest improvement has been done to the functionalities in the account area 'My Hemnet'. You're now able to easier create 'default' searches, save listings of interest, get updates through RSS and see changes done to a listing.

More data
One thing the new services on the market (like Booli and Boliga) has forced Hemnet to do is to be much more transparent about data like number of days on the market. Over the last weeks this data has been added to Hemnet and this continues.
The graph below displays a specific listing (in blue) in comparison with sold (red) and listings (green) regarding number of days on the market (Y-axis) and asked price in million SEK (X-axis).
 You're also able to see the price for listings in the area that has been sold.
The not so good
First impression isn't great. The starting page, with all flashing banners about Hemnet (?), is very confusing. Nothing new with the map (or have I missed something?). The usability and design has lot to ask. It is confusing how to find the detail statistics. And so on...
However, the biggest disappointment is that Hemnet is not able to make an overall better solution. The possibilities are endless with their position and all their data.
To sum up 
A great initiative to make improvements, but in my book it isn't a version 2.0.
More a version 1.4.   
Additional reading 
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