spotify invites - 7 to go... (update! 0 to go.)

Update: the invites are gone 

Are you ready to get Spotified?
I've few (so much sought-after) invites to give away to my readers.

Actually, 7 to go... 
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Do not send me an email or use the contact form, just leave a comment. 


Haven't heard about the service?
This is what Guardian is saying about the service...

"Welcome to nirvana
Imagine iTunes, but free. Chris Salmon finds the stream of his dreams.

This could well be the year when the wider public decides that online streaming is the best way to consume music. After all, why spend time and money on CDs or downloads, when you can instantly stream that same music for free via your computer or, increasingly, your mobile phone? And if one service is going to provide that tipping point, it's"  The Guardian 16th January 2009

And of course, at the wikipedia.