Information portal at property companies

Attended a few days ago a seminar at Hypergene's office in Stockholm about the use of their business intelligence solution among property companies. (They have 20 property companies as their customers.)

Below is a screen from one of their installations at a large property owner. When the user log in to the portal a unique set of information is displayed for that particular user.

In this example it is the start page for a property manager with through the dashboard directly is displayed how he is doing compared to budget. Impressive and user-friendly!

           Jonas Leisvik from Hypergene is presenting their product. 

The product
Hypergene EOS is a 'complete product complete product for advanced and user-customized presentation of information'.  It starts with importing data from, for example, property management systems, financial software and energy systems. Then displaying it a user friendly way. Making it possible to drill down to the lowest level of information for example see an unique invoice.

During the entire presentation it was stressed how user-friendly the solution was. And trust me it is. According to a research by University of Cork (see the graph below) it scores higher than other major BI solution out there.

The evolution is clear.
The specialised software is only used by a handful of people (for example the property management system) and then the waste majority of the users are using a web-based portal where the most important data and the simplest functions are built in.

See it yourself?
Hypergene are running another set of ½-day sessions in the beginning of April in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö. Find out more here.