Kungsleden uses social media to create a better office product

Kungsleden, a listed property company in Sweden, is displaying an innovative approach to interact with clients using social media.
An initiative that includes a dedicated site (www.lokalamojligheter.se), two Twitter accounts (@kungsleden and @mojligheter), Flickr account and a YouTube channel. Here is an article about the initiative at Resumé

The new site

Focuses on how the office environment could be better.
One feature on the site is that one can add suggestions on how to make a better office product and then let people vote on those. (Very much like this famous example by Starbucks or Salesforce.) The highest ranked suggestion after 5 days is a central switch to turn off all lightnings in the office. 

My thoughts...

I'm delighted to see a property company taking on new possibilities and give them a serious try. All of them will not work, but a least you have tried. 
When it comes to property owners communicating to end users at an office it has always showed to be tricky since very few no which are the owners of 'their' office space'. On the other hand, there are millions of office workers that for sure have opinions about their physical work environment (another question if they find their way to this site). 
Finally, I wish that Kungsleden gives this initiative a real try (And not just something a PR firm has convinced them to do.) Unfortunately, their start of Twitter use could have been better. 3 tweets at 2 accounts since the start 3 months ago isn't much of communication...