CEO at a large construction company starts blogging

 I'm impressed. The CEO (Per-Ingemar Persson) at Veidekke Sweden, one of Sweden's largest construction companies, has started to blog at

 The first entry has the 'Why starting to blog?' (translated to English, using Google Translate). A highly relevant question if one start doing something that few (none?) others in the same position are doing.

Per-Ingemar says:

"... It is therefore particularly important to increase communication with both employees and suppliers in the sector and the customers we have been privileged to work with. Both by getting bring our thoughts and ideas but also to get feedback on how we can improve on to get satisfied customers and dedicated employees, and how we can become more attractive to our suppliers as partners. I think the blog is such an instrument that can serve these purposes."


Learning from his boss

Veidekke is a Norwegian company and guess what, Per-Ingemars boss is also running a blog ( They are for sure  serious about opening up for a conversation.