Have you been Squarespaced yet?

 Do you think Wordpress is the 'the stuff' when it comes to blogging? It's time for you to get 'Squarespaced'!

I've been using this SaaS blogging platform since 2006 and has been more than happy. Tonight I (finally) sat down and tried out all the new version5 functionality. (As you may notice from the redesign of my blog.)

And have they improved!
Below is how the screen looks like when changing design template, number of columns and navigation. Just click and draw. A picture tells you more... you have to see this video.

You want more details?
This video shows the Squarespace team showing of by rebuilding the 37signals blog in 18 minutes(?).

It has been some improvement since I, in 1996, wrote my first site using notepad...