I'm soo Spotified...

I've got my own Spotify account!

It's in Private Beta and is for sure the most wanted service to sign up for in Sweden.

I've previously got a demo of the service and got directly hooked.
It's like 'iTunes on crack!'. (This may seams like a post out of topic but for me is this a great example of the use of Internet.)

The service
Spotify is a music service that on demand steams the songs to your computer. You do need to download a software in order to use it. However, you are able to log on to your own Spotify account on any computer with the software downloaded.

Read about the founders, a video, the office, and description (in Swedish) another one (also in Swedish).

The beauty
The easiest way to explain the beauty is to imagine an iTunes account where you save your songs in 'the cloud' and you can easily play them from any computer (after the small download).

The cost
When going live it is said rumoured to be in two versions;

  • ad based (both visual and audio)
  • subscription based costing 300 SEK/month   (~50 USD)

The ultimate service for me would be to pay for this service and having the free distributed to the musicians based on the songs I play.

The looks
The service is brilliant in it's simplicity. You pretty much search, play and create play lists (which could be shared). All is extremely straight forward and amazing fast.

One more thing
Be aware if you have the possibility to try it.
It's seriously addictive...