Swedish construction firms starts blogging

Burson-Marsteller (global public relations and public affairs firm) has published a white paper (in PDF and SlideShare) on the use of blogs in companies on the OMX Large Cap list (the Nordic exchange list and the Norwegian counterpart)

The conclusion is;

Approximately 9.1%, or 12 companies, of the 132 Nordic Large Caps have company sponsored blogs. This number represents a lower percentage than the 14.8%, or 72 companies, with blogs on the Fortune 500 list in the U.S. A reason for the lower penetration among Nordic companies could be that the U.S. market in general is ahead on the adoption curve when it comes to both social media and innovation in marketing communications.

More about the white paper is found at Svd (a large Swedish newspaper).

Construction firms in the study
Both Skanska and NCC were among the companies blogging. Both of them to have a conversation with students. You find them here; NCCs blog and Skanskas blog.

Next step
Hopefully they will take this way of communicating to the next step. Anyone that has lived or worked close to a construction site would appreciate information what is happening with the project. A blog could be a great channel for this.