SIME follow up

We didn't make it to the stage... but at least we made it to the screen at the largest Internet conference in Sweden. (Congratulations to Jaycut for beating us.)

Much has been written about the SIME event, like 1, 2 , 3 (in English), 4, 5 (in English), 6. and 7 (most comprehensive).

My reflections
This was my second SIME event and it's a conference that differs a lot from all other (real estate) events I attend every year. The SIME crew (and especially Ola) makes this more to show and entertainment. But one has to keep in mind that this is a media event focused on the Internet.

It's great to visit an event that has a different approach to Internet and gives you examples of the web that you haven't seen before. For example how the Swedish pop band Ace of Base is letting their fans alter their music and create videos on their site. They don't fight Internets implication on the music industry, they use it.

The best I take with me besides all the great meetings was the presentation by Japp Favler (Forrester) on 'Recession marketing'. Looks like a great knowledge for 2009....