Going bedouin - The Thailand experience

As a believer in the power of the web I don't see the limitation that work could one be done in an office. With this in mind, and the fact that the winters in Sweden aren't what they have been, I have gone bedouin for a couple weeks.

A Swede that doesn't like the winter?
First of all, I need to explain this (since so many ask me this). I love a real winter with snow, minus a few degrees and clear blue sky. However, the winters in Sweden (at least not in Stockholm) are not like that right now. More a few degrees above zero (the proof), rainy, dark and gray clouds.


Left:  Stockholm a winter day (source: http://www.konradolsson.se/)
Rigt:  Bamboo Island, Thailand

Why go bedouin?
To quote Greg Olsen "because you can". Greg coined the phrase 'Going bedouin' in late 2006, read more about how the phrase spread from there. By the way, Gregs employer Coghead is indeed structured the bedouin style.

How does it work?
First of all, you need the forward thinking of the management with respect to "just get the work done".  Secondly, an IT infrastructure based on web applications or being able to access them using for example Citrix. Then bring your laptop. Find a hotel with WiFi. Go.

The benefits
For me; I'm able to extend our stay in Thailand with three weeks. I'm also able to get rid of the normal distraction of office life and sit down and write those use cases for new functionality.
For the employer; do my job as I as was sitting at my chair (keep in mind that I conduct the vast majority using mail and IM)

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