Appraisals/Brokers - Start your engines and show off

Drew at GeekEstateBlog posted an entry about a game called "Price Me Now" from the folks at Realius. It's about guessing the sales price of real life listings. Sounds great!

realius.gif"Realius will allow conference attendees to play its flagship game, Price Me Now™, which challenges players to guess the price of homes for sale in their market, on the show floor. Price Me Now™ evaluates player guesses and awards points based on their performance against the “Realius” price, an aggregate combination of previous player price estimates and the actual list price. Real estate companies and professionals can purchase placement in the game as “coaches” who guide players and make their own professional price guesses."

Will be interesting to see how it will be used by the RE industry, maybe it will be used...

... at universities
Why not include this game in courses about pricing the real estate market?

... by brokers/appraisals
This is the opportunity for all brokers and appraisals to show that they are better then Zillow to forecast the sales price!     

I guess they don't include listings in Sweden...   ;-)