Report from Realcomm (or "where are the blogs?")

I have only managed to find three reports from the Realcomm conference in Boston earlier this month.

One from founder Jim Young, where he states it to have been "the best ever".
Then an article from ITworld and one from eWeek.

Are you aware of any blogging about Realcomm 2007?
Trying to get an overview of what went on at Realcomm using blogs has been quite hard... to say a least. Have only found 2 (?) post about it.

A pre-post from one of the speakers, Marc Krejci.
One post from AdvantageWorks.

I assume it will be much easier to follow the upcoming Inman Connect SF 2007 conference. They even has a two day pre-conference for the bloggers. They also have LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter projects running.  Finally, they have a "10 things to do before Connect".

Needless to say, but it seems that the residential part of the industry is way ahead of the commercial part when it comes to being early adopters.