Properazzi - A pan-European property search

Looking for properties in Europe, but having a hard time to figure out the worth of money? Then Properazzi will be a great starting point.

Properazzi_List_200px.gifOfficially launched today (after two years of technical development) the Barcelona located company has listen 1,8 million properties in 45 European countries.

Properazzi uses a crawler-based search engine technology to find listings at 1000s of estate and publisher sites across Europe.

Money worth over the border
According to Tom Dibaja, Outreach Specialist at Properazzi, they "don't at this stage aim to compete against national property portals. We’re more focused on property search more transparent, and making the maximum amount of information available to consumers. I think that once these features are more developed, many people buying a house in Sweden, for example, would like to know what their money would be worth in, say, the other Nordic countries, or even other parts of Europe."

I believe this a great idea. It's hard to figure out what are the national real estate portals if your are looking outside of your own country.

A look at Sweden
The Nordic region is for quite obvious reasons (I've to admit) not a primary region in a starting phase. However, Properazzi does have listings even in Sweden.


Even a red house with white garbles! (The very trademark of a house in the Swedish countryside.)  The listing currently are mostly from non-Swedish listings sites.

Founded by a successful team

In terms of founding Properazzi is venture-capital funded by Mangrove Capital Partners (who were originally behind Skype) and private investor Gil Penchina (eBay, Wikia, etc). Managing director, Yannick Laclau ,runs the business from Barcelona in Spain.

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