Report from the PCS expo in London

PCS_Logo.gifIt’s 3 am and I’ve just got home to Sweden after some hectic days at the PCS expo (a Property Computer Show) in London.

Being on panel for one session, attending another 5, get an understanding of 100 exhibitors and conducting 12 meetings in two days surely was surely a challenge…

My strongest impressions are;

More energy then ever – it’s my 3rd time going to this event and I haven't seen this much of energy before.

Finally the web has hit the property industry - almost every boot you went into was displaying their solution using a web page. Even property management systems have taken on a SaaS aspect (well kind of… more about that later)

The most impressive presentation was about e-Leases -  Chris Lees from Calvis had a brilliant walk through of the project how one of UK's largest property owners has gotten four law firms to use Acrobat Reader documents to fill in and send the lease agreements (including over 200 data fields) using a PISCSES standard XML schema. Which has the effect that the data gets directly imported in to the owners property management system without re-typing any data.

Rewarding to meet other believers - One of the great benefits of going to an event such as this one is about meeting other believers. One needs that ones in a while.

In the upcoming week I’ll write more posts about my experience and thoughts about PCS.