ARGUS and Circle merges

Full disclosure: I'm the Product Manager for a Swedish DCF product. Read more here.





A MAJOR supplier of DCF (Discounted Cash Flow models) solutions has been created when the UK based Circle Software Ltd and US based Realm Business Solutions Inc have decided to merge (The press release).

"Two leading providers of software solutions to the commercial real estate industry, London-based Circle Software and Houston-based Realm Business Solutions, today announced the merging of their respective firms into one global entity.

Based in London , Circle Software was founded in 1990 by Adrian Katz, a designated member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Circle’s flagship product is Visual Investor, a property and portfolio valuation software program that is the current industry standard in the UK and is broadly used in many countries within continental Europe and the Asia Pacific region where the UK capitalisation approach is employed. Circle also produces and markets CircleDeveloper, the worldwide standard for development appraisals and pro formas.

Realm’s flagship product, ARGUS, is the industry standard among those countries and companies that employ the discounted cash flow (DCF) methodology to value real estate assets. Pioneered and made popular in the US , DCF methodology is quickly gaining the endorsement of many international standards organisations and universities. Realm’s product suite also includes popular tools for property management, portfolio management and budgeting, automated leasing, business intelligence and collaboration and workflow management. "

This merge will indeed be interesting to follow.
I don't have any numbers but this new company has to be, by far, the number one on the market. Any directory of Investment Analysis Software is too be long but I doubt any other supplier is even close.