A backlog of reading

Back from a 2½ weeks of vacation (long? In Sweden there is a five weeks of holiday...) I've to catch up reading the blogs. Here are the post I found most worth reading.

An outsider look on the industry
It's always good reading when someone from 'the outside' takes an interest in our own field, like CNET sending a reporter to the Inman ConnectSF 2006. (Thanks Joel at 'The future of real estate marketing' for having a post on this article making me aware of  it.) The result is an article taking a closer look at the changing world for Realtors.

More on ConnectSF 2006 event in San Francisco
The Sellsius blog has an entry on the topic including a comprehensive list of related entries in the blog sphere. A good summary is also found at the Zillow blog.

The launch of a new home valuation tool
Through the 'Rain City Blog' I found out about a new AVM called HomeInsight. However, the best reading was the comments on the post.

SEO in real estate
At Mike 's Corner you find a great entry on the search engine topic.

Finally, The Carnival of estate
It has continued with three more weeks. The best about those lists are that you probably will find new blogs worth reading.
July 24th   -->  Searchlight Crusade
July 31st   -->  The future of real estate marketing
Aug 7th   --> Property Grunt