Kungsleden takes the lead...

 ... and makes it easier to buy their services.

I believe that many companies make it too complicated to be interested in their services. For example, if a property company tries to attract tenants, why not making the offer as easy as possible to understand? 

Most companies are now days using the Internet to market their empty office space. However, few do it with more than a few lines of text, one (1) photo and contact information. Actually, 10% of the offerings on the listing service Objektvision don't have a single photo!

Anyway, for a long time I have questioned why not also put the rental rate in the offering. The response has been that it is impossible (?) . But I'm now delighted to notice a change. One of the companies that has started this is Kungsleden, a listed property company. Their new concept "Raka vägen till rätt lokal" (Direct road to the right space) is promising. The aim is to always include photo, floorplan and rental rate. Keep going!






Using the listing service mentioned above I find that 10% of the 1038 listed offices in Stockholm displayed the rental rate. In Göteborg 4% of 871 and Malmö 17% of 449. (However, if you excludes the listings from Kungsleden, the number is 7% for Malmö!)

Compare that to the listings on Loopnet, a US based listing service, where 90% have rental rate displayed. Anyway, someone has to start in Sweden and that seems to be Kungsleden.