Time to 'mash up'?

Don't happy with the functionality on a particular site? Why not create an improvement on top of the existing service? This is called 'mash up'. The CNET definition being 'Mash-ups' - "that let people combine information from different Web sites are reshaping the Web experience, allowing independent developers to better control and customize the information consumers can get".

A 'mash-up' is based on APIs to interact with a site and "to pull data from Web sites and to combine it with another information source to create something new".

Links in the area:
"From web page to web platform"  CNET article, 16th august 2005

Flashmaps A great site using Google Maps
Click here to find out where I live...

Winerybound.com  Contains listings of all the wineries in the U.S.
On the first page, click on the link 'view all wineries' and you will see the 'mash-up'.