Realcomm - A Swedish perspective

The last week has been extremely busy. First of the Realcomm conference and then meetings and vacation in San Francisco.

A few words on the Realcomm conference.

blog_realcomm_opening_300px.gif1. Being the best place for someone to see what is going on in the area of Real Estate Technology it surprise me how few people that are attending this show. 

2. The overall feeling about this years conference is that it is down to everyday hardwork to gain success. There is no big easy shortcuts.

3. Interesting discussions in the field of electronic Market Exchanges. However, it's my oponion that that UK is far ahead the US in this fielad.

4. Most interesting boot? I vote for Treesoft ( and their DCF module. I believe this area of solutions need a few more suppliers.

5. The gadget of the week - Verizon's handheld EV6600blog_realcomm_handheld_300px.gif
Now we're talking! Perfect size, QWERTY and much more. Could we have that one with 3G and WiFi in Sweden, please...  ;-)

The question is, will this ever be avaliable on the Swedish market?