Here are some of the property management tools active on the Swedish market. Of which none has customers outside of Sweden (as far as I'm concerned). At the same time, the use of the international systems is limited.

Modus  (
A system 100% made for the web is always on top of my page.
From Holzer Solutions and launched in september 2005 and in 2009 acquired by Momentum (see below).

FastNet & Hambo (
Two systems from the supplier Agresso, which also provides general business software. FastNet is one of the more established systems on the Swedish market. (Agresso aquired FastNet in 2002 by Momentum, see also below.) Hambo is a system for the multi-family market of property owners.

Vitec & Vertex      (
Two systems from the supplier Vitec. During 2005 they aqcuired IBS Vertex AB which gives them "a 40% marketshare" acoording to them.

Husar Residens    (
Two systems from Momentum. 

L.E.B    (
Been in the market for over 20 years.

3L   (


From the supplier 5D Systems

Summarum   (

Hogia   (

REAL    (

Fasticon  (

Hero   (

& Pondus   (

Brilliant Hyror

The complete solution...