Making the property industry more efficient by smart use of technology.


This site consists of blog posts, tweets, links and general notes from my journey to increase the use of technology in one of the largest industries; the property industry.

Created by Magnus Svantegård.


First of all

I proudly work for Datscha as Product Manager (a SaaS solution for the commercial property market). Furthermore, I am also Partner in Stronghold Invest AB, an investment firm in "property knowledge companies" (including #PropTech). However, this site contains my personal opinions posted on my own time and do not represent the views of my employer in any way, shape, or form.

How it started

I first encountered Internet, using Mosaic (the very first web browser) in the autumn of 1994 at the Royal Institute of Technology (Master in Civil Engineering). It was not love at first sight, but two years later (in parallell with studies) I got involved in a start up and it changed how I looked at the real estate industry. The rest is history

Who Am i?

To be found here;

The why

The ambition is to be an inspiration for businesses in the real estate market  by highlighting great examples of "the smart use of Internet in property". Mainly from a Swedish perspective, but will also add international examples. Especially when Datscha has launched its services in Finland (2010) and England (2015) since I started this site.

Furthermore, the focus is mostly within the commercial property industry, even though there will be examples from the residential market.  


Since a few years I'm more active on Twitter then writing blog posts. And of course, I'm always up for a talking #PropTech over coffee. Based in Stockholm, but travel to London every second week or so.