International consultants  

Consulting firms

Not too many companies provide IT and management consulting focusing on the real estate industry, but here are some. 


Remit Consulting    (UK)
"Remit Consulting LLP is a new type of management consultancy for the property industry. It grew out of the Real Estate Information Solutions team at Ernst & Young and provides consultancy advice to property clients from offices in the UK." 

 Some of their consultants could be followed over Twitter; @remitaw, @RemitMT, @RemitMJ, @remitjs and @retribob.       


Calvis    (UK)
"Calvis provide operational improvement, organizational change management and IT implementation & integration services. Since its inception, Calvis has risen to the forefront of data and process standardization through its implementation of the Property Information Systems Exchange Standard (PISCES)." 

On Twitter you could follow them at @calvisgroup@cdlees and @chris_toole 


Tacklers  (UK)  
"The team at Tacklers are committed advocates of a cloud approach to systems provision  that delivers applications over the internet, these can be  under the full control of the commissioning member of the business. We know how to make the case for this approach and get it working so it can be put it into the perspective of traditionally delivered services."